Hello! My name is Breanna Relf, and I am the owner of Just Ask Breanna.

Born and raised in Montgomery, AL, I was well known for being the most talkative and brightest amongst my peers. Effective communication, public speaking, and writing skills were all hidden talents that came natural to me. After earning a degree in Public Relations/Marketing from Auburn University at Montgomery, I quickly emerged into the sales role, leaning towards financial institutions for the majority of my post-collegiate career. It was then where I realized that teachers, peers, even management relied on me as a credible resource. Igniting my passion, Just Ask Breanna was born. As a top performer and leader in the banking industry, I was exposed to real life issues that people, the community, and small businesses face everyday. Just Ask Breanna is a solution to these issues. My promise to you is transparency, professional development, and accuracy.

Hello! My name is Breanna Relf, and I am the owner of Just Ask Breanna.

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Grant Writing Services

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